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Casino Blackjack - How To Win at Blackjack

Author: William "Bill" Zygot
ISBN 1-892161-32-X

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"Having a blackjack gambling addiction has nearly cost us our home and
family. My husband picked up pop and beer cans by the roadside to buy me
Bill's book. I just got back from the Casino and handed him $680.00 that
I just won using Bill's method of playing Blackjack. My husband just gave me
a big hug and is crying. God Bless you Bill."
- Shelly K., New Orleans, LA

"I have tried to win at Blackjack for the last 15 years. I have lost 10's of thousands
of dollars. Your book info,
especially Rule #1, has changed my life considerably.
I can now play the game I love - and win $$$$."
- Scott L., Flagstaff, AZ

"I just can't believe it. In less than an hour I had the basic knowledge to start.
All I can say is .... WOW!"
- Judy M., Knoxville, TN

"So simple even a caveman can understand it. LOL" - Stanley K., Reno, NV

"I have tried every 'so-called' Blackjack sytem imaginable over the years. I have
spent $1000's of dollars in Blackjack schools that teach card counting and the old
Martingale system. They did not work for me. I kept losing ... until I found
your stupidly simple method of playing. The only thing I can think of saying
is ... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You."
- Dick S., Columbus, OH

"My first night I won $128 ($2 table). Second night $465 ($5 table).
Tonight will be my third night using your method of playing Blackjack.
I can see why Bill kept this a private secret for all these years.
Easy money is an understatement."
- Lydia E., Mt. Morris, MI

I have personally talked to the author. He has applied this
method of playing all over the world. Nassau, Freeport,
Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Atlantic City, Mississippi
Riverboats, New Orleans and more. He never walks out of
any Casino a loser. Rule #1 is an absolute
MUST to know.
And, the author has been doing this for over
40 years...and winning!
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